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Pro-V Milky Makeup Remover


Pro-v milky makeup remover 

Volume: 150ml (Pro-vitamin B5)

Skin Type: All

- Refreshing formula with a tint of cucumber aroma
- Light & non-oily
- Gentle & Deep moisturizing 
- Thoroughly remove excess oil, makeup, and impurities  

How to use Milk Cleanser the Right Way?
The biggest mistake many users made when using cleansing milk is to start by rinsing the face with water. 

Step 1: Apply the cleansing milk to dry (not wet) skin and massage it with fingertips.
Step 2: Wet your fingertips with water and continue massaging the product. 
Step 3: Wipe off with cotton pads. This will remove most makeup but now you need to take 2nd step of cleansing ...
Step 4: Clean your skin. Even if you weren't wearing makeup, you STILL need to remove the cleanser residue. You need to use a cleansing gel or foam. 

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