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Germatizer Hand Kleen Sanitizer

$9.90 $15


Kills 99.9% harmful germs that may make you sick!

Germatizer Hand Kleen Sanitizer not only infused with the most effective ingredients to achieve 99.9% kill germs action but also added other plant extracts that highly boost up the effectiveness of the product!

☑️Kills Germs 99.9%
☑️3 "A" Actions (Antimicrobial, Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Inflammatory)
☑️100% Formulate in Singapore
☑️Produce in GMP Certified cleanroom

Powerful Contain:
✔️70% Isopropyl Alcohol
✔️Orange Essential Oil
✔️Black Cumin Extract
✔️Hops Extract

Let's fight against CVOID-19 & HARMFUL GERMS together


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